• Building Inspection
      • Residential – (Single family, multi-family, condos and townhomes) – Rates vary (See below)
      • Commercial – Rates vary
    • New Construction Inspection– (Contact us for details)
      • Just because it’s brand new construction doesn’t mean there can’t be any issues, right? A new home is only as well built as the builders are. A new construction inspection is an on-site, comprehensive, private, multi-step process that will ensure any common construction mistakes are identified and corrected before becoming a future nightmare. Learn all the aspects and vulnerabilities of your home before it costs you a fortune!
    • Drone Roof Inspection Media Package
      • Note: Roofs are still inspected through other methods including walking, and binoculars if a drone inspection is not chosen as weather and safety permit. (See chart)
    • Home Safety Check 
      • Have an Illinois Licensed Home Inspector check your home for possible safety concerns.
      • A safety check by a qualified home inspector could uncover problems in a home that can be overseen by the average homeowner. If any major issues are found, pictures will be taken and discussed, and a full home inspection can then be scheduled at a lower rate.
      • Home Safety Checks may be scheduled as a one-time service for current homeowners, or a yearly ongoing program/routine!
    • Additional Information
      • While a home inspection may last about 2-4 hours, home safety checks usually take up to an hour and focus on the following key areas
      • Check roof/attic space
      • Check crawlspace/basement
      • Check furnace and replace air filter if there is a new one on site at the time of the home safety check
      • Test smoke detectors with complimentary battery change
        Contact us and mention “Home Safety Check” to schedule yours today!

    *15% discount available for senior citizens and active duty U.S Military or Veterans! (must show valid ID at time of service)
    *Alpha Home Inspections does not provide repair or maintenance for homes other than what is specified above.

    *Services provided by Alpha Home Inspections Illinois Licensed Inspector. 

    *Buildings over 50 years old present additional challenges in some systems and components that may uncover the need for extra measures taken into consideration than when inspecting a modern home.

    *Extra outbuildings excluding garages and carports are listed as an ancillary service and are not required to be inspected according to our SOP.  Outbuildings are all extra structures on a property including but not limited to: Sheds, shacks, guest houses, detached garages with living quarters on second floor.

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